The Education Group is committed to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity and will employ ethical, professional and non-discriminatory recruitment practices at all times whilst complying with all relevant legislation. Generally technical employment is on the basis of assessment against selection criteria and qualifications required for a particular position, and on demonstrated ability, suitability, experience and training, but TEG as a growing company is always on the lookout for individuals who have the right attitude to work and contribute, first and foremost. 

"Skills and technical nous can be taught to individuals, but possessing the right attitude and being able to sync with the company goals it's objectives & culture is only possible when individuals have the flexibility, the understanding, the trust, the passion and desire to be part of an organisation that values teamship, camaradarie and commitment!" ~ Director, Ambi Thind 

For further information contact us via email  on or you can always reach us on +61 2 8263 1200  and ask to speak to human resources.